BARRAGE poster and clip reveals !

IndieWire has reveals the poster and the clip of BARRAGE, the last feature film of Laura Schroeder that will premiere in Berlinale Forum 2017 !

After ten years abroad, Catherine returns to Luxembourg to catch up with her daughter Alba, who is being brought up by Catherine's other Elisabeth. Alba is cold and distant towards this stranger who show up unexpectedly in her life, and so is Elisabeth, keen to keep her protégée to herself. one day, Catherine cannot take it anymore. She "kidnaps" Alba and takes her on a trip to lake up North. So begins an unsettling journey into puzzling and complex world of motherly love begins, only to find out that sometimes the true opponent is yourself.

BARRAGE will be screened in Berlin : Thu 9th 15:30 at the CinemaxX 6 Fri 10th 18:30 at the CineStar 8 Sat 11th 17.00 at the CinemaxX 13 Sat 11th 22:15 at the Cubix 9 Sun 12th 11.15 at the CinemaxX 3 Mon 13th 12:15 at the Arsenal 1 Wed 14th 10:00 at the CinemaxX 4 Fri 17th 11:00 at the CineStar 8