A run down construction-machine factory in Mexico City: Maquinaria Panamericana. The employees are happily winding down for the weekend, just like every Friday, except that this day a shocking event breaks their routine: their beloved boss, Don Alejandro, is found dead in the back of a warehouse. Soon this discovery leads to further ones: the company is bankrupt, the workforce have no prospects of employment elsewhere and no hope for any retirement funds. In a state of confusion, fear and grief they decide to hide his death and lock themselves in their dusty workplace to play out an improbable solution.

Original title: Maquinaria Panamericana English title: Pan-American Machinery Country: Mexico Production year: 2016 Format: DCP Son:5.1 Length: 86' Aspect ratio: 1:1.85 Frame rate: 24fps


Javier Camacho – Rubio, Israel Ruiz – Tonatiuh, Maria del Carmen Piña – Gertruda, Regina DuPacci – Arancha, Eduardo Castrejón – Pareja, Pedro Barbosa – Pedro, Franco Legorreta – Franco, Hilario Vega – Rodrigo, Rafael Velez – Don Alejandro,  Javier Zaragoza – Jesus Carlos, Ramiro Orozco –  Ignacio, Cecilia García – Juanita, Irene Ramirez – Soledad, Delfino Perez – Delfino, Edmundo Mosqueira – Celestino, 
Cesar Panini – Goldenboy.


Director: Joaquin Del Paso Screenplay: Joaquín Del Paso & Lucy Pawlak Producers: Joaquin Del Paso (Amondo Films) & Susana Bernal (Black MariaExecutive Producers: Jaime Romandía (Mantarraya), 
Co-Producers: Joakim Ziegler (Terminal Films), Estudios Churubusco Azteca, Santiago de la Paz Associate Producers: Pawel Tarasiewicz, Santiago Torres, Gabriel Herrera Torres, Mauricio de la Garza, Marcin Malatynski With the support of: The Polish National Film School Director of Photography: Fredrik Olsson Production Design: Lucy Pawlak, Paulina Sanchez Costume Design: Yupanqui Ramos Make Up: Antoine del Toro Editor: Raúl Barreras Sound: Santiago Arroyo Sound Design: Santiago Arroyo, Santiago de la Paz Post-Production Supervisor: Santiago de la Paz



Guadalajara International Film Festival 2016 - BEST MEXICAN FILM & FIPRESCI PRIZE

Tucuman Film Festival 2016 - BEST FIRST FILM

Leyva Film Festival 2016 - BEST FILM



Director / Producer

He was born in Mexico City in 1986. He completed courses in Film Directing and Scriptwriting at the International Film School in Cuba (EICTV). Afterwards he moved to Poland to study at the Polish National Film School in Lodz, from which he graduated with a Master in Arts degree. Joaquín lives now in Mexico City, he is the co-founder of Amondo Films, a film collective based in Warsaw, Delhi and Mexico City. He works as well as a cinematographer for fiction and documentary films and has received awards and nominations for his work behind the camera.


2007Dialogue About an image | Doc., Short, Co-directed
Torino Film Festival, Marseille International film festival

2008, The absolute truth of Thomas Schviefel  | Short Fiction, Co-directed
Camerimage Film Festival

2009, Czarna Góra | Short Fiction
Camerimage Film Festival

2012, Dream of San Juan | Documentary Feature, Co-directed
Krakow Film Festival, Morelia Film Festival, Cinema Planeta Mexico, Trento Film Festival, Ambulante Film Festival Mexico, Millenium Film Festival Brussels, Filmfest Eberswalde, MiradasDoc Canary Islands,
Puebla Film Festival.

2013, Syjamski / Siamese | Short
New Horizons Film Festival Poland, Gdynia Film Festival Poland (Jury's honorary mention),
Krakow Film Festival, Guanajuato international Film festival

2016, Panamerican Machinery | Feature Narrative

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